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Dominic McGonigal

Dominic McGonigal’s work has been described as “confident writing for instruments and voices, great textures and a perfect sense of spacing and pacing.” His powerful aural imagination has led to repeat commissions from Quartet Pro Musica and Philomel and premieres at impressive settings such as Southwark Cathedral, as well as being selected by the prestigious BBC Singers for work with Judith Weir. Dominic McGonigal has an enviable track record across composing, conducting, singing and playing.

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Compositions and Arrangements

  • “I commissioned Dominic to write for my new group 'Philomel' because I had been impressed by his On the Beach, a choral work I'd performed with the experimental vocal group The CoMA Singers (part of Contemporary Music for all). The confident writing for voices, the great textures and a perfect sense of spacing and pacing in that work was also displayed in the commissioned piece Night Song, an atmospheric and challenging - but very satisfying - piece for 6 sopranos. I had no doubt in asking him to continue to write for Philomel, this time a smaller work Rhythm Herd.”
    Janet Oates
    Soprano, Philomel
  • “Performing and learning the two quartets composed by Dominic McGonigal has proved to be a rare artistic experience. Both compositions extending the players of Pro Musica Quartet technically and emotionally. Our grateful thanks to you, Dominic.”
    Patrick Halling
    Quartet Pro Musica
  • “Dominic's piece La Fleur des Eaux was a joy to perform; his understanding of the technical abilities of my voice-type meant that it sat comfortably and naturally in my range, enabling me to give the music the necessary emotion and detail that this well-crafted piece deserved. The panel were equally impressed and gave me a distinction as a result. Thank you, Dominic!”  
    Dominic Bevan
  • “Dominic's music is a great discovery: his music infuses words with its hypnotic, haunting rhythmic life, his powerful aural imagination, and the way he brings out such a range of emotional colours in the texts he sets, from his Mass to his latest work for Philomel.”
    Euan Tait



On the 26th of September 2018 the Quartet Pro Musica will perform two premières – Dominic McGonigal’s first string quartet In Conversation and the second, Mathilde. The concert will be at Lumen, near King’s Cross.

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Sheet Music

Original compositions are available to download from the catalogue. Sheet Music for arrangements can be obtained from Sheet Music Plus, see catalogue for details.

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Dominic's music is on Spotify. Listen to the quartet 'In Conversation' via this player or search 'Dominic In Conversation' in your Spotify.

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